Family Reveal Details Of ‘Atrocious’ Pontins Holiday After Staying In Filthy Chalet

Holiday from hell.

Pontins is somewhat of a rite of passage for family holidays in this country – if you just fancy a weekend (or even a week) away then you can just rock on down to one and hardly spend any money and should end up having a pretty good time.

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However, that isn’t always the case as a woman named Christine Bunney arrived with her family on August 12th at the family park in Southport and said that she proceeded to have an absolutely atrocious holiday. It began when the family found an inflated turd in their chalet and continued when they visited the children’s Fun Factory – which features mini golf and a soft play area – but claims she was caught between arguments and witnessed fist fights between other families. She even saw police arrive and escort a foul mouthed woman off the site.

The torment was complete when she asked to move chalets because of the excrement she found, but was told that there weren’t any other available on the site. Boo hoo. As such, Christine has emailed Pontins to complain, saying the following:


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For the horrendous things we have witnessed we want a full refund for the atrocious excuse for a holiday we had.

Unfortunately, she’s only received a generic reply from the company, which is probably why she’s decided to go public with the story to the papers. The following pictures show the condition the family’s chalet was in whilst they stayed there:

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Yeah it does look pretty gross, but then I guess you get what you pay for. If you choose Pontins, don’t expect the Savoy.

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