Fake Twitter Accounts Are Claiming They’re Divorcing Their Wives And Moving To Vietnam Because Of The US Election


There’s nothing funnier than seeing a fake Twitter account get busted – except when you consider how many people actually believe them anyway – and this is no exception, after someone uncovered a bunch of people claiming that they were divorcing their wives and moving to Vietnam because of the results of the US election.

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This would seem fairly dramatic and suspect even if the exact same thing hadn’t been tweeted on multiple accounts at roughly the same time, but the fact that no fewer than 10 accounts (that we know about) are saying identical statements kinda tells us that they’re not to be trusted. Take a look below and see what you think:


Favourite account is definitely ‘Leah’. Surprised it’s included as although diversity is undoubtedly good in these situations, I can’t think that the people this is designed to appeal to are going to be too fond of a lesbian divorcing their wife because they voted for Biden. Still, good to see that inclusivity is big in fake tweets as well.

But anyway, I still don’t really get why whoever is doing this – Trump’s campaign? The Russians? The Vietnam tourist board? – feels the need because there already seem to be enough genuine people tweeting and protesting about their disapproval of the election that there doesn’t seem to be any reason to potentially undermine that effort by making up fake accounts that can easily be exposed. What’s the actual point? Ten more people saying this shit probably isn’t going to radicalise anyone else or get them on board?

It also surprises me so much that if people are going to make fake tweets about something that they do it in such a brazen manner that can obviously be identified as fake. If you’re going to go all this effort, how long extra would it take to write a separate story for each one?

I suppose the answer is the same to both questions – some people are so stupid/wilfully ignorant that they’re going to see these on Twitter and support/back them no matter what, even if they’re blatantly exposed as misleading accounts. So in that respect, it’s probably worth it for them to blast out crap like this to all of their burner accounts at the same time. Don’t be fooled.

For more of the same, here’s a white US politician forgetting to switch to his burner account before describing himself as a black man. Whoops.


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