Commentator Completely Loses It After Fake Squash Shot

Squash court

Squash is really whack to watch so whenever anything slightly out of the ordinary happens the commentators get really, really excited. Here’s a video of some player pulling off a ‘double whammy fake shot’ – whatever that means.

Squash court

There’s a reason why squash isn’t as popular as tennis, and that’s because it’s really whack to watch. There’s just so much going on in such a small area it can give you a real headache when you’re trying to follow the ball. Squash is cool to play though, it’s a great way to de-stress and you don’t really need to have much skill to get into a game of squash because all you’re doing is whacking a warm rubber ball against a wall.

When squash is shown on TV there are commentators just like with any other sport, but because squash is so crap to watch, the commentators will get really excited whenever something out of the ordinary happens. So when the dude in this video drops a double whammy fake shot, the commentator completely loses it and sounds like he’s just had a multiple orgasm, when in reality the double whammy trick shot isn’t even that impressive. Check it out:

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