A Bunch Of Fake Hurricane Sandy Pictures That People Are Sharing

hurricane sandy fake featured

If Hurricane Sandy isn’t bad enough already it kinda sucks that people are sharing pictures that make it look even worse than it actually is. Here are a bunch of them and a plan to teach the trolls a lesson.

hurricane sandy fake featured

So everyone probably knows that Hurricane Sandy is currently ripping up the NorthEast coast of the United States causing untold damage and getting a lot of people time off school and work to sit trembling for their lives in their houses without any power. It sounds terrifying, although I always think it would be kind of cool to just pile into the safest house out of all your friends with a bunch of supplies (re: pizza, weed, beer and FIFA) and have a killer session whilst you tried to ride it out. Of course, if anything ever actually went bad then you probably weren’t going to be in the best state to get out alive, but then maybe that isn’t such a bad thing because you probably would have been a goner (Just like this Andrew W.K./Soulja Boy collaboration ‘I’m A Goner‘) anyway and at least that way it would go a lot quicker because you were wasted/high/fat from eating all that pizza.

But yeah, even though that might be kinda fun Hurricane Sandy seems like bad news from some of the stuff I’ve heard, as loads of people in New York City/State and New Jersey seem to be without power and loads of stuff seems to be flooded and closed and shit and people are losing their homes and possessions, which is just about the most terrible thing that can ever happen to anyone. It sounds really really gross and makes me kinda glad for the first time that I live in England where there’s little chance of something so bad ever happening.

However, although undoubtedly a lot of fucked up shit is happening over on the east coast right now, it’s kinda hard to tell exactly how bad everything is over there because loads of trolls (unwittingly or not) are sharing fake pictures on social networking sites for lolz. Although it’s pretty easy to tell which ones are fake, it’s probably even harder to tell which ones are real because there are so many fvcking fakes going around. Here are a few of the fake ones, sure some are obvious but some aren’t (I nabbed these off mashable before someone comments on it. They have all the original pictures too because they’re so badass and tech but I couldn’t really be bothered to include them):

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hurricane sandy fake 1
fake hurricane sandy 2

fake hurricane sandy 3

fake hurricane sandy 4

fake hurricane sandy 6

fake hurricane sandy 7

fake hurricane sandy 8

hurricane sandy fake

It’s the last one I want to talk about mainly though, although it is fvcking ridiculous that whenever there’s a flood/natural disaster Ronald McDonald and sharks have to get involved though huh? So yeah I hit Tourist up yesterday and was like OMG we should share this pic -the blatant Day After Tomorrow rip off I mean. I didn’t really think it was real but the fact was that about 100K people had already shared it so I figured if we shared it on Facebook then we would get a bunch of shares which is obviously what we want to get Sick Chirpse all the way to the top. Tourist was just like ‘nah bro, don’t be a doofus’ though so we left it.

Later on though, my housemate Grand Vibes was hanging out looking at shit on the internet and came across the same picture that one of his friends had shared and saw that it had this comment from the original poster, some loser from Texas called Jason Otts: ‘Ok… apparently this pic has gone viral from my wall with 99,989 shares. In the last 15 minutes I have had like 200 people add me as a friend because of this pic. So I called the person who texted it to me and she then called her friend who sent it to her and is in New York. He told her that it was fake. So now I have 200 friends who like a photo that is fake on my wall. Funny, but awkward….’

Yeah real awkward Jason. Anyway, Grand Vibes thought it would be really funny if we tried to teach this unwitting troll a lesson about not believing everything you ever saw on the internet and if everyone who reads Sick Chirpse (there were about 12,000 unique visitors, so you know that’s a fair whack of you if you all do it) bombarded this guy with friend requests as that would hopefully teach him to never post such stupidass pictures on the internet again. You can access his profile here and here’s a picture of him celebrating his first day of work/being crowned the most unaware internet troll in history:

jason otts

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I wanna make a point as well that this isn’t cyber bullying or whatever, I just think this troll should be taught a lesson for being such an idiot in the first place. I mean obviously he’s a middle aged man who doesn’t really understand the internet, but that doesn’t really give him an excuse to be such an idiot about it. I’m just helping him get an education in it and giving him Also, if he doesn’t want people going on his profile and stealing his pictures he should probably update his privacy settings.


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