Facebook Will Soon Be Able To Stop You From Posting Drunk Photos

Facebook Drunk Technology

But the drunk photos are the best right?

You know when you’re wasted and out with your buddies and you think it’s a really good idea to get a group pic and upload it to Facebook immediately, but then in the morning even though it’s got a couple of likes you realise that it looks absolutely terrible and it’s now unfortunately going to be on the internet forever unless you delete it? if that sounds like something that happens you all the time then it might be your lucky day because it’s not going to be a problem soon thanks to Facebook developing some new technology.

Apparently the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Lab is working on a combination of artificial intelligence and facial recognition software that will be able to recognise if you look like you’re trashed in a photograph. It will then pop up with the following really condescending question:

Uh, this is being posted publicly. Are you sure you want your boss and your mother to see this?

Facebook Drunk Technology

Although that does come across as quite annoying and condescending like I said, it would probably do a lot of people a lot of good to actually get this warning because in my feed there are people in their late 20s and early 30s posting absolutely ridiculous photographs of themselves looking like complete morons, and whilst I do enjoy having a good laugh at them it can’t be doing their reputations any good. Personally I don’t have that problem of course, but I’m sure it’s one that will affect many of the people reading this post so I’m sure a lot of people will welcome this news.

Of course, there are some negative aspects to this – we won’t get to laugh anywhere near as much at dumb photos of idiots on our feed, and if the A.I. isn’t that strong and you’re particularly weird looking then you might get end up getting dissed by Facebook for being drunk even though you’re stone cold sober. That could end up really annoying, especially if you’re one of these guys that is on the quest to take the perfect selfie.


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