Facebook In The 90’s!

Where would we be without Facebook? Outside? At Work? Speaking to real people? Who knows, but Facebook is here for the long haul. For all it’s cons Facebook also holds a lot of pros, and like most things we don’t really need today, we wonder how we managed without it. The 1990’s for example, what the fvck did we do? We must have done something, it involved Mega Drives and East 17 but that’s all I can remember.

So what if we had Facebook in the 90’s , fricken awesome right? Well no it would have been shit, but it does make you wonder on a social scale where we would be up to by now, as old hat as it seems this posting your business online for all to see is a relatively new thing.

The below video is a mock up of how things may have been in the 90’s had the Facebook revolution joined us sooner, the perks being that computers of the 90’s wouldn’t have been able to handle the processing power required to send you wank requests for Shitville!

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