A Face/Off Reboot Is Apparently In The Works

The 90s was an absolutely excellent time for ridiculous action movies – I dunno if it was just because I was growing up then, but man were movies like Con Air and The Rock some of the best things I’ve ever seen and I still love watching them today, mainly because of how stupid they are admittedly.

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Right up at the top of the list though is Face/Off where Nicolas Cage and John Travolta swap faces and get up to all manner of lunacy pretending to be each other and destroying most of Los Angeles in the process. Honestly has some of the stupidest scenes in movie history and some of the most cracking one liners and ridiculous passages of dialogue ever. Favourite part definitely has to be when John Travolta’s wife has sex with Nicolas Cage (in John Travolta’s face) because he’s more of a fun dude than him. Like that’s aged well.

Anyway, if you’ve seen Face/Off then you’ll probably understand that it really doesn’t need to be remade or rebooted because how could you improve on perfection, but of course Hollywood has decided otherwise. Apparently a guy called Oren Uziel has been tapped up to provide the script – previously having written 22 Jump Street, The Cloverfield Paradox and the new Sonic The Hedgehog movie – and a Fast And Furious creative named Neil Moritz. I guess they’re at least talking to the kind of people that might make it as stupid as the original.

Obviously this is just in the production stages right now so it’s gonna be a while before we see it on our screens – if ever – but maybe it could be good? Oh who am I kidding it’s gonna be completely awful because remakes and reboots always suck. Just watch Face/Off again and revel in its glory.

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