Expert Claims This Evidence Proves Kurt Cobain Was Murdered

Sensational claim.

This week was the 23rd anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death and every year, new “evidence” or claims seem to come out of the woodwork surrounding his mysterious death.

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There are many different theories about how Kurt died, and this year reports are focusing on the information on the documentary ‘Soaked In Bleach’. For those of you who didn’t see this film, there’s a segment that actually sensationally claims that Kurt’s widow, Courtney Love, was involved in his death in some way.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

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It also looks at a forensic expert’s analysis of Kurt’s suicide note, which they claim is not a suicide note at all and that it was written by someone else. Here’s what a forensic expert said on the matter:

[The sheet contains] letter combinations of specific letters that are found in the bottom portion of the suicide note. It is possible that someone else with some skill could indeed imitate his writing, especially those last few lines.

Kurt Cobain

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Meanwhile, a forensic linguist, Carole Chaski, added to this idea by outlining that the top of the note looks like it has been written in completely different writing and style to the bottom four lines:

That segment about the practice sheet seems pretty suspicious. Obviously we can’t outright claim to know what is true and whether Courtney Love did have any involvement in her husband’s death (or we could get into serious trouble), there does seem to be a lot of damning evidence out there. Hopefully the calls to reopen the investigation into Kurt Cobain’s death are listened to, because as it stands, there are many unanswered questions.

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