Everyone Thinks This Fight Video Was Purposely Made To Cause Racial Tension


He got what was coming to him.

Much like following the Brexit vote over here, the election of Donald Trump in the United States has sadly led to an increase in racism across the country, but thankfully not everyone is prepared to take that.

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The video below features a 15-year-old Mexican kid who has been targeted by someone who (I hate to say it) looks like your stereotypical Trump supporter – basically someone who may as well have just walked off the set of ‘American History X’. After the footage went viral, Dâkøhtâ Pêrêz says that he should have handled the situation better, but the goon was saying he was going to deport him and also took a swing at him for no reason. In my mind, that means Pêrêz was perfectly justified in teaching him a lesson and knocking him out like you can see below:

Yeah, ain’t no way your man is getting up after that incredible knockout punch from Pêrêz. He definitely deserved it as well after his actions and probably just for the way he dresses in general too. Ain’t cool to walk around looking like a Nazi skinhead in 2016 bro.

Since going viral, many people are claiming online that the video has been purposely made and posted in order to spark anger between different races in the U.S. I highly doubt that – it’s clearly just a scrap that went wrong because the skinhead was being a wanker.

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