Every Single Picture Frame In A Charity Store Had A Picture Of Jeff Goldblum In It

Goldblum Pics

Great marketing.

Jeff Goldblum is a man of the people and universally loved, so it makes sense that if you ran a charity store and wanted to endear your products to your customers then you could do a lot worse than add Jeff Goldblum memorabilia all over the shop.

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This is exactly the strategy that some store in Cardiff decided to employ and it totally worked as some random dude ended up buying 37 of the picture frames on a whim after they realised Goldblum was in each one of them. Sure it helped that they were ono £2 a pop but even so he’s forking out over £100 on them which is kinda a dumb move. Maybe his house will look real nice with them dotted all over it? Hope he doesn’t consign them all to the garage or anything though because these displays need to be seen.

Anyway, here are the tweets that informed us all of what was happening with this guy:

Not sure if he’s actually telling the truth there but I’d like to think that he is. Really wish he had taken more pictures of all the frames in the store though because I don’t think we’re really getting enough of them right here, are we? Need to see the whole shop in all its glory.

For more of the same, check out this person making a remix of his weird laugh. Excellent.


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