POV Video Of Guy Doing Massive Roof Jump

Huge Roof Gap

This must be kind of what it is like to be Spiderman. Except without the webs and the fear that when you’re jumping 17 feet gaps across skyscrapers that you might just fall to your death.

Huge Roof Gap

This is a killer POV video of a guy doing a massive roof jump in Chicago. It seems like most people that are experimenting with Parkour and crazy dangerous videos like this are from Russia (or perhaps Cambridge??) so it’s good to know that there are some crazy people over there in the States too. And I mean crazy people as in terms of doing really mental stunts and not in terms of having National Gun Appreciation Days, even though both sets could legitimately be described as crazy people. There’s a good crazy and a bad crazy though and I’m sure you’ll figure out which group this guy from Chicago fits into.

Apparently he’s training for Ninja Warrior and he figured the best way to do this would be to climb up buildings in his local downtown area via the drainpipes and then try and make a 17 foot jump from the top of one building to another. In fairness the dude does it but that is nuts right? I mean maybe you can practice jumping 17 feet (which is about 5 metres) in the long jump pit or in the gym or just in the park or whatever, but it’s a bit different when you’re standing on top of a building and it’s a long way down. I dunno how these guys do this crap and think it’s a good idea, but fair play to them because it definitely keeps people like me (and you) entertained while we sit at home or at our boringass office job.

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This video didn’t quite have my stomach in knots like that video of Mustang Wanted video I posted a couple of weeks ago  but it’s still pretty petrifying when he walks over to the edge and when he’s in the air on the jump. You can also just briefly hear him breathing at the end of the video  and it’s pretty heavy and that definitely implies how scary that jump must have been for him and like I said it kinda freaked me out a bit. A couple of people are hating on him for using a Go Pro camera because it makes the jump look bigger or something but it looks pretty deadly to me either way so I’m down with it. Apparently he’s gonna be uploading a bunch more videos from his training – including a submission (what?) – so I’ll keep an eye on it and be sure to post any more good ones up here on Sick Chirpse. Dude’s name is Ethan Swanson if you want to check out his YouTube account yourself.


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