Eric Dier Jumped Into The Crowd To Fight Fans Following Spurs Loss Last Night

Unbelievable scenes.

Anyone who isn’t a Spurs fan will have looked on and laughed at the club last night after they went out on penalties to lowly Norwich at their own ground, meaning they’re pretty much almost certainly not going to win anything this season or even come in the top four, despite hiring Jose Mourinho a few months ago for exactly this purpose. You love to see it.

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Well, you love to see it if you’re not a Spurs player or directly related to one of them as we saw one of the most bizarre incidents in modern football going down after the game as Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier climbed into the crowd to confront a fan. We’re not entirely sure what was being said by the fan, but there are rumours that he was either racially abusing Gedson Fernandes – who missed the decisive penalty in the shootout – or that he was starting something with Eric Dier’s brother.

Either way, it was enough to see Dier climb about twenty rows of the stadium to get in his face and shout at him, which is something I don’t think we’ve seen a professional footballer do since Eric Cantona’s kung fu kick almost thirty years ago. Absolutely mad scenes – here are a few of the best versions of it on Twitter:

What an absolute madness. Honestly can’t see these scenes going down under Pochettino and I think they really are indicative of how the club has descended into chaos since Mourinho’s appointment.

Obviously we don’t know the full story of why Diet jumped into the crowd and if it was because of racial abuse or someone picking on his brother then he should probably be commended as it’s what most regular people would do in the street or wherever. Unfortunately you can’t really set a precedent like that for professional athletes confronting anyone in the crowd who hurls abuse at them so I imagine instead he’ll probably be fined and suspended for a bunch of games, screwing up Spurs’ season even more. When it rains, it pours.

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