Emma Watson Has Revealed She Pays To Subscribe To An Expensive Sex Site

Emma Watson

Harry Potter And The Masturbating Actress.

Speaking in an interview with notorious feminist Gloria Steinem, Emma Watson has revealed that she is a paying member of a website dedicated entirely to female orgasms. Not quite the revelation you expect from Hermione Granger, but let’s roll with it.

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The site, namely ‘OMGYes’, apparently shares interviews with women discussing ‘actual techniques for pleasure’. Now, obviously I’m not a member myself so I can’t say for certain what these interviews entail, but it sounds a lot like a collection of women talking about masturbation.

If you think that sounds like something you want to get involved with, you better have £40 to spare – because that’s how much Emma pays to be subscribed to this kinky shit. Although, she obviously reckons it’s a sound investment:

It’s an expensive subscription but it’s worth it.

I wish it had been around longer. Definitely check it out.

You can almost feel her sexual excitement can’t you. The little devil.


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Apparently the site also includes a ‘touchable simulator’ for tablet and smart phone users, which allows the subscriber to ‘practice what they’ve learned on a photo-real movable image’. I’m sure we can all imagine what a ‘touchable simulator’ with a ‘movable image’ would involve if it’s coming (no pun intended) straight after watching interviews on how to flick your bean, but hey, whatever floats your boat, Emma – I’m not judging.

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A spokesman for OMGYes explained the mission of their site:

Instead of just making academic journal articles, we’re making the findings practical, real, and experiential in the form of documentary interviews — both explicit and non-explicit — with real-life women, not actresses.

I’m not really sure what research he’s going on about but I assume that’s a fancy way of saying they’ve been watching and/or making a lot of porn. Or at least something similar – I’m not about to pay £40 a month to find out for you though unfortunately, sorry.

Once you’ve practiced on a movable image and you reckon you’re ready for the next level, why don’t you check out our guide to home made sex toys to help you on your orgasmic journey.


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