Emiy Ratajkowski Claimed She Was ‘Too Sexy’ To Work With Before Uploading This Video

The Queen of Instagram is back.

Emily Ratajkowski recently said that people don’t want to work with her because she’s ‘too sexy’.

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If that’s the case, this video she shared onto Instagram earlier certainly won’t help her chances, not that anyone’s complaining:

I mean that is just a mesmerising 2-second loop right there. Is the human body even meant to move that way? All I know is that my eyes popped out of my skull like Akil Mitchell when I first saw it. Emily Ratajkowsli just doing the impossible with her body and leaving all the other Instagram girls in the dust. 10/10.

May as well have a look at the other snaps from the Photoshoot while we’re at it:

For the NSFW outtakes from Emily’s photoshoot with Terry Richardson, click HERE.


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