Elon Musk Just Announced He Is Working On Another Top Secret Masterplan

Elon Musk

He’s up to something.

Super genius Elon Musk has sent the world into meltdown by announcing on Twitter that he’s working on a top secret masterplan:

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There’s absolutely no clue as to what Musk is actually working on here, but the post has echoes of one from back in 2006 which he titled ‘The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan’ (just between you and me) in which he unveiled the first plans for the Tesla Model S four-door family car and the Tesla 3 sports sedan. Hopefully it will be something as revolutionary as those electric cars, and given Musk’s pedigree, you would expect it to be of that standard.

Whatever it is though, Musk had better hope it’s good because he’s recently been hit with a bunch of bad publicity centring around the fact that one of his self driving cars ended up accidentally killing somebody after it failed to detect a turning tractor-trailer in Florida and didn’t activate its breaks in time. This subsequently led to a 15 % drop in share prices and a drop in orders for his company. Musk has also been criticised after he put in a bid to buy a company that installs solar panels named SolarCity as it’s run by his cousin.

Despite the negativity currently surrounding Musk though, you would probably expect him to turn it around with this new masterplan because that’s exactly what a super genius would do. Hopefully he’ll get it sorted and published this week because I’m gonna go crazy waiting around to find out what it is. Maybe he’s come up with proof of his theory that all our lives are actually just a massive computer simulation.


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