Elon Musk Thinks It’s ‘Reasonable’ To Release A Sex Tape With His Ex Girlfriend Grimes

Elon Musk Grimes

Perfectly reasonable, sure.

It was pretty weird when Elon Musk and Grimes started dating – because I mean WTF is going on there? – but things have become even weirder now the two have allegedly split up.

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I wasn’t aware the two had officially called it a day, but apparently they’ve been on the rocks for a while as they both unfollowed each other on Instagram and Twitter – the true gravestones of a modern romance. However, Elon Musk is still interested in perhaps releasing a sex tape of the two together as he got into some Twitter bantz with a dude called The Arkadia. Or maybe she’s a girl, who knows?

Anyway, this is what happens:

Hmmmm. Whilst it seems like Musk probably means that it’s a reasonable question as to whether selling a Grimes/Elon Musk sex tape would generate the kind of money necessary to fund space travel, it’s also kinda weird that he responded asking that isn’t it? I mean would you say something like that about one of your ex girlfriends/boyfriends? I really don’t think you would.

Whatever Musk’s intentions though, I think we can all probably agree that a sex tape between those two probably wouldn’t raise enough money to solely fund space travel. I mean firstly does anyone really want to see that and secondly it would probably be leaked all over the internet fairly swiftly from its release. Come to think of it Elon Musk is completely dumb if he thinks that’s a reasonable question and that only makes the whole exchange even creepier.

Guess what though? It might actually have worked because Musk is currently in China opening a new Tesla factory in Shanghai and Grimes tweeted that she was randomly in China on the same day as well. What are the chances hey?

Can’t be a coincidence can it? Stay tuned for more updates on the weirdest celebrity relationship in some time.

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