Elon Musk Called Out For Bizarre Posts About Taylor Swift

Elon’s on a weird one.

I’m not sure anyone has ever killed their cool mystique quicker than Elon Musk, but he’s been at it again after paying Taylor Swift some weird compliments on Twitter.

It all started when the Twitter CEO responded as follows to another user’s post about the singer, in which they wrote: “Taylor Swift rules and if you disagree you’ll be kicked off the internet I’m pretty sure.”

Credit: Twitter/@ElonMusk

Which might just be the most autistic compliment anyone has ever paid another human being. If you have no clue what ‘limbic resonance’ is, PsychMechanics defines it as follows:

Musk then responded to a series of photos of Taylor Swift on tour in Glendale with a cigarette emoji – implying that she’s smoking hot, I guess?

Then, the Teslanomonics Twitter account shared an image of Swift and Musk together asking “You guys think they make a cute couple?”, to which Musk replied with a laughing emoji:

Naturally the Swifties are up in arms about this, as 51-year-old Musk is of course (to them) the embodiment of super conservative, right-wing, anti-woke capitalism, which are all the things Taylor Swift is very vocally against. So it’s actually pretty bold of Elon Musk to publicly hit on her like this, given there’s a decent chance she’ll eviscerate him on his own platform and get a billion likes in the process.

Still, it’s no surprise that Elon would fancy a tall, slim blonde like Taylor Swift. He famously dated Amber Heard, and Grimes and Tallulah Riley both went blonde after getting with him. His first wife said he pressured her to bleach her hair, so clearly it’s something he’s into.

Can you imagine if Taylor Swift actually reciprocated Musk’s feelings, on her quest for true world domination? I mean, she can be as rich and famous as she wants, but she’ll never be as powerful as the richest man in the world… unless she dates him? Just imagine how many albums worth of material she’d have after the inevitable break up! Come on, Taylor. Think about it at least.

For Taylor Swift’s unbelievable excuse after she was accused of flying her private jet 170+ a year, click HERE. See? Her and Elon are more alike than you think.


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