Elevator Trolling With The Intelevator


Here’s a pretty good troll video of some dudes with nothing better to do than troll some lift riders.


Riding in an elevator is always one of those times in your life when a few seconds can feel like forever. When you get into an elevator that’s already full of people you have to enter the awkward silence while everyone takes a good look at you and judges you within seconds. You can feel everyone’s eyes burn the back of your head while you stare at the floor or pull out your phone and pretend to read your e-mails to make the moment of being claustrophobic that little bit more bearable (even though you never get any signal inside an elevator).

I remember back in Uni Halls when we had an elevator and our flat was up on the 5th floor so the stairs were a couple of floors too many to ever be arsed to use them so we always ended up being lazy fuckers and using the lift. On probably 50% of the occasions we were in the lift, someone would pull the age old trick of forcing the doors open while the elevator was in motion causing it to stop abruptly and scare the shit out of anyone who was in there with you. We always did this after coming home from a night out and when there was a good 10+ of us in the 8 man lift. One night someone did it and we ended up being stuck in there for an hour or so. During this hour things got pretty fvcking crazy in the lift. There was a shit load of booze and a bunch of drug and it all got cained within 20 minutes of us being in there, leading to people needing to piss and the only place being through the wedged open door while we were stuck in between the 4th and 5th floor of the building. With 10 fucked up people inside a lift it can get pretty sweaty. Two girls started having panic attacks while another dude lost the plot and started threatening everyone. When we eventually got out of the lift we’d sobered up and vowed never to pull that stupid trick again.

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Now this video stars a couple of dudes who set out to troll a bunch of lift goers. They take over the lift and speak to each person/group of people as they enter, asking each one what language they’d like the lift to operate in, and start making them do stupid shit to get to their floor. At the end of the video the lift’s passengers are greeted with a high powered fan blowing in their face rather than the floor of their choice. Genius. And in case you were wondering, the translation for the what the girl says at the end is:

“Jag har fastnat i en jävla hiss med nÃ¥n jävla sÃ¥nghelvete”

– I’m stuck in a fvcking elevator with some fvcking shit song

Check it:

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