Elevator Prank Part 2

Extremely Scary Corpse Elevator Prank in Brazil

Remember that elevator prank that we posted about last week that made you all shit yourself when you watched it? Well the guys involved have just released another ‘scary elevator prank’.

Last week we made you all shit yourself by showing you a video of some dudes in Brazil pulling a prank on unsuspecting victims in a lift. Well it turns out that these guys have been pulling off pranks like this for a while, and have just dropped another prank involving people getting the shit scared out of them while they ride an elevator.

Before you watch it I’m gonna put this out there: this new elevator prank probably isn’t as scary as the first elevator prank.

I mean, the first elevator prank was fvcking horrendous. (If you missed it check it out here). It involved the girl from The Ring appearing while the lift was broken down and the lights were out. The girl then screamed at the top of her spine tingling eardrum piercing bastard of a voice right in the victim’s face. That’s gonna scare the shit out of you even if you weren’t stuck in a lift and already shitting yourself because you thought you were about to die when the lift plummets to the basement of the building, smashing upon impact and making your body look like something that would end up on r/wtf. But this new elevator prank is more lolz than scary.

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You’ve already probably worked out that this prank involves a dead dude in a coffin who ends up in the same lift of you. Now the sick part is the way the two jokers in the video manage to get the coffin in the lift unattended. Totally genius. Check it:

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