Electronic Patch That Will Make Men Last Four Times Longer In Bed Available For £10 In June

Problem solved.

Every man knows that if you last longer than 7 minutes in bed, you’re just a try-hard no matter how good at sex every woman tells you you are.

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Some men don’t even last 7 seconds though, but thanks to this new £10 electronic patch, the horror of being a premature ejaculator is set to become a thing of the past.

The scientists who developed the patch at Israeli firm Virility Medical claim it will help men last as much as four times longer in bed.

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The patch is the size of a postage stamp and will be available in the UK next summer.

All you have to do is place the patch on your groin, where it zaps the muscles that trigger orgasm with a mild current that stops them contracting during sex. Genius!

The adhesive patch is controlled wirelessly using a smartphone app, allowing you to calibrate it to your own needs – before or even during sex. If you want to keep going, you turn it up by tapping the screen, but if you’re ready to finish, you can dial it down just as easily.

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Or if you’d rather not apply one of these things to your dick in front of your new missus, here’s some pro tips from the Reddit community on how to stop premature ejaculation.


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