An Egyptian Official Has Blamed Violence In The Arab World On Tom And Jerry

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The head of Egypt’s State Information Service Salah Abdel Sadeq has blamed the rise of violence in the Arab world on Tom and Jerry and violent video games.

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In a speech delivered at the Media and Culture of Violence Conference at the Cairo University’s Mass Communication Faculty on Tuesday, Sadeq explained that Tom and Jerry and video games both condoned violence in real life amongst people from a young age:

The generations old cartoon condones violence and other bad habits in people from a young age.

People — particularly young men — now spend long hours playing video games too.

They get enjoyment from killing and shedding blood while playing.

So when these young gamers are faced with social pressures in the real world, they resort to violence because it has become normalized for them as a response.

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Hmm. I mean whilst I suppose there is some element of truth to the fact that the normalisation of violence may affect some people in different ways and cause them to resort to it in reality, I think to blame the violence that currently occurs int he Arab world solely on this is slightly simplistic as there are always a multitude of factors that affect situations such as these.

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Also, the fact that these cartoons and games are broadcast to absolutely millions if not billions of people and every single one of them isn’t acting violently is probably evidence of this too. No doubt that some people are affected by this and feel that violence in reality is acceptable, the thing is that these people are already psychopaths too.

For more evidence of this check out the most horrific crimes perpetrated due to video games.


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