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Carrying on in our Hangover Cure series we bring you the ultimate in breakfast sophistication, the eggs benedict. This classic dish has fed many a hungry sole over the years and is the perfect morning after snack.

It has been said that I have a concerning obsession with eggs, once in a training seminar about promoting safer $ex my now ex boss announced to the forty strong crowd that I had an egg fetish, I then had to try and convince my professional peers that I was relatively normal. It didn’t work, I suppose my debut Sick Chirpse being egg related probably isn’t helping my cause.

Whether your into poached, fried, scrambled, or boiled its all about the quality, don’t waste your time on sub standard eggs from barn or caged hens, its all about free range, thankfully most people these days are switched on enough to be able to see and taste the difference in quality.

In fact I personally hold eaters of non free range with the same contempt as I do members of the Gaddafi regime or viewers of The One Show.

The first rule of pro “egging” is produce! produce! produce! So make sure your ingredients are of the utmost quality, here’s your list:

Serve’s Two
Muffins (x2)
Bacon (x4 rashers)
Eggs (x2)
Chives (optional)
Hollandaise sauce (packet is fine)
Milk (for hollandaise sauce)
Salt & Pepper

To Serve:

Start grilling/frying your bacon.

Boil the kettle and pour into your frying pan just over an inch of water, turn up the heat.
Let that boil up, whilst its gathering momentum add a splash of vinegar.
Once its bubbling away nicely take the pan off the heat.
Crack your eggs into the pan holding them just above the water as you drop them in.
The whites should start forming despite being off the heat, pop the pan back on the heat, reduce the temp and let it slowly cook away, start preparing the hollandaise sauce.
Once the eggs looks solid enough free up the bottom with the spatula.

Be sure to monitor you eggs closely to ensure there cooked through but not hard, (I personally think non runny eggs are pretty pointless, for me its like taking a girl out for dinner, gaming the shit out of her, going back to her place for coffee only to announce you like boys!)

Slice and place the muffins in the toaster.
Take the eggs off the heat if necessary, they’ll sit in the water and cook away slowly.
Once your bacon and muffin is ready to go, get the toast buttered and place the bacon on top.
Add a couple of dollops of hollandaise sauce, add pinches of salt and pepper to taste, cut up some chives and sprinkle on top.
And there you have it, your eggs benedict, really simple, semi quick, and frickin superb!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict


So whether you share my passion for our yokey friends or you just fancy a good old fashioned snack, I’m sharing with you a Jones family recipe handed down through the generations (literally no one in my family has ever cooked this).



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