Edward Snowden Was Invited Into A Twitter Group Chat With Some Clueless Teenage Girls

Edward Snowden

If these kids are the future, the future is doomed.

Not sure how this conversation came about but somehow writer Davril Lavignezo (@davelozo) recently found himself added to a Twitter group chat which included Edward Snowden and a group of teenage girls who didn’t know who Snowden is.

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So this Davril guy started off by sparking up a discussion about whether Avril Lavigne is dead and has been replaced by a body double:

He then began quizzing them on some of life’s more important matters and screenshotting the conversation:

Pretty shocking that most of them didn’t have a clue who he is. Obviously Snowden thought so too as he butted in and asked, “Where do you go for news?”

Before long Snowden decided to dip out of the conversation because, well, as he says, the FBI does have a warrant on him so he quite rightly needs to stay under the radar:

Funny that I don’t even think these girls realised how much they could have taken advantage of that situation and asked some really important questions rather than how he prefers to be referred to. Having said that, at least most of them think that Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato are trash, which means there is some hope in the younger generation yet.

Snowden might not be so popular with the tween community, but he certainly receives a lot of interest from actual women online.


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