Eddie Izzard Has Officially Changed The Name On His Passport To That Of A Female

She wants to be known as Suzy now.

Eddie Izzard has always been famous for dressing up in drag for his comedy sketches, but now he has revealed that he actually prefers living as a female and has decided to change his name on his passport to Suzy (I’m using male pronouns there because he made the decision to referred to as female, will switch them up for the rest of the article though. Don’t try to catch me out.)

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Eddie revealed the news on an episode of Lorraine, where she told the host that she wanted to be referred to as Suzy from now on, but didn’t mind if people still called her Eddie:

When I was 10, I just loved the name. Suzy.

It’s got Edward John in my passport so I just thought what if I add Suzy in there.

When people are not sure what to say, I say I prefer Suzy but I don’t mind Eddie. I prefer her but I don’t mind being Eddie.

No one can make a mistake with me unless they call me Gregory or Sabrina and then that’s not quite right.

I spent 50 years predominantly in boy mode, so let’s try the next 50 in girl mode.

It’s just a language adjustment. And no one should get het up about it.

I’m still gender fluid and I tell everyone that’s supported me, ‘Relax people, he or she, it doesn’t really matter.’

The pronoun thing isn’t the important thing, the important thing was coming out [as trans] back in 1985, that was the tough time.

Well I gotta say that’s a pretty fresh take on the subject that you don’t normally see from a lot of members of the transgender community. Yeah, I do get that it’s pretty crappy to get deadnamed or whatever, but if they stopped getting so angry about it then the people who take delight in upsetting them will probably wind their necks in too like most bullies. People don’t even seem to complain about Eddie Izzard that much and it’s probably because of this sort of attitude. Fair play to her.

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