Ed Sheeran And Wayne Rooney Perform A Duet In A Pub In Manchester

Wayne Rooney Ed Sheeran LEGO House


Obviously with the fact that Wayne Rooney and Manchester United have had a couple of seasons to forget, the England captain probably needs some cheering up. However, I doubt anyone would have predicted that this came in the format of singing a duet with Ed Sheeran at a pub in Manchester after his recent concert in the city. It’s certainly more likely than him hooking up with Frankie Cocozza (remember him?) after he dissed him on Twitter though.

So Rooney sat there singing Lego House the other night with a bunch of other people whilst Ed Sheeran played his acoustic at the Sir Ralph Abercromby pub. Surprisingly, Rooney seems to know all the words and everyone cuts out and lets him sing some of it on his own and even more surprisingly he doesn’t actually sound THAT bad although it definitely leaves something to be desired. It’s just completely and utterly bizarre seeing Wayne Rooney team up with Ed Sheeran in the back room of some pub for some karaoke right?

Make of it what you will. Let’s hope that Rooney doesn’t head into the music world after his retirement though because I don’t think that’s something that anybody would want to see.


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