Blood From Ebola Survivors Is Being Sold On The Black Market

Oh crap.

A ‘treatment’ for Ebola made from the blood of survivors is being traded on the black market in West Africa, and the worry is of course that the blood could still contain harmful infections, which is why the World Health Organisation is trying to put a stop to it.

There is a danger that such serums could contain other infections and wouldn’t be administered properly.

The World Health Organisation also announced that new Ebola cases in West Africa are emerging faster than they can contain them. Over the last few months 2400 people have died and almost 4700 have been infected – the largest outbreak in history.

Between the horror of ISIS chopping off people’s heads and the weirdness that was The Fappening leak, we almost forgot about Ebola altogether. But… we’re right back to shitting ourselves now. Thanks news/Internet.

P.S. Did anyone else used to think that the black market was a physical place you could visit? I did.


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