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Emails are an important means of communication for corporate and personal purposes. If written poorly, however, a simple email can cost you a major prospect in business or even in your personal relationships. A well-written email can easily turn hundred of prospects into clients. When replying to professional emails, one of the best things you can do is to take time and carefully craft a well thought out message. Your email replies should also be straightforward and clear. 

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However, if you receive hundreds of emails every day, it can be quite tasking to hand-type all the responses that are appropriate to every situation. You can simply reply to emails faster using the email auto-replies service known as OwlReply. 

What Is Owlreply?

OwlReply is an email service that is specially designed to help your business respond to emails using keyword-based automated drafts. Compared to other auto-responder services that simply send links to your knowledge base or make canned replies to everyone, OwlReply actually reads your emails for you and creates drafts emails that are sent to your draft folder. OwlReply does not send the emails for you giving you the opportunity to edit them before they are sent out. 

Here is a simple guide on how you can use OwlReply to reply to your emails.

  1. Sign Up To Owl Reply

The first thing you will need to do is to sign up for the service by visiting to enter your email address and complete the signup process. 

  1. Connect To Your Email Service Provider

Once you have signed up you will need to connect to your current email provider. You can use Gmail or any other email app of your choice. 

  1. Type up Some Keywords And Add The Automated Replies

Keywords are very important when using OwlReply. You can add as many keywords as you need to make your response sound more personalized and human. For example, if a client emails your business to inquire on how you are dealing with the new coronavirus, OwlReply can automatically create draft emails using the keyword coronavirus in your company’s response. You can later preview this message and make edits accordingly before sending it.  

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using OwlReply to reply to your business emails. 

  1. Replies Like a Human

OwlReply creates draft replies which are then stored in your draft folder. You can fine-tune this draft message before sending the final email to make it more personalized and give it a human feel. You can also enhance your emails with keyword-based responses and this helps to reduce your workload. 

  1. Owlreply Enables You to Give Smart Answers

If your business has a customer care department, OwlReply email services can greatly help your customer service staff to reply to emails faster and more accurately by greatly reducing the tasks associated with answering simple customer questions. The keyword-based draft emails created for them reduce the fatigue of having to type all the responses needed for every situation. 

  1. Skip Proofreading

Thanks to OwlReply, you can now forget about the long hours you spent proofreading emails every day.  OwlReply will proofread for you and what’s more, you will now be able to provide clearer answers to your most important emails.



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