Dutch Cyclist Gets Obliterated Just A Few Miles From Winning Olympic Gold (VIDEO)

We’re 3 days into the Olympics and people are already being brutalised.

The 2016 Rio Olympics are finally underway and we’ve already had ourselves a couple of dramatic incidents.

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Annemiek van Vleutten had fought herself into the lead during the 141km women’s road race on Sunday, but with less than six miles to go she skidded off the road along a turn and went flying over her handle bars.

Not only that, she smashed her back right against the curb:

The Dutch Cyclist Federation have confirmed Annemiek is OK, which is more than can be said for this French gymnast who also had an shitty bit of luck over the weekend:

(Warning = gruesome injury)

Not how he planned it.

These Serbian rowers are also possibly dead after falling into the disease-ridden Rio waters:

No doubt there’ll be plenty more wince-inducing footage from the Olympics this year – we’ll keep you updated.

It’s bound to get worse in the future too, especially now that skateboarding has been confirmed as an official Olympic sport.


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