Dude Shows How ‘Durable’ His Weed Pipes Are; Ends Up Destroying His Entire Shop

Pipes Cinder Block

Well that backfired.

I’m not really sure what the requirements are when buying a pipe to smoke weed out of, but I suppose you want it to be fairly strong so that you don’t drop it on the floor for it to break immediately.

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I don’t think it would need to be able to withstand two cinder blocks of weight though because it’s unlikely that it’s ever going to come across that size mass in a practical situation. Nevertheless, the guy in the video below is so desperate to illustrate how strong his pipes are that he uses multiple cinder blocks to prove their strength. Unfortunately for him he’s also a complete idiot and ends up destroying most of his shop because he wasn’t being careful enough with them.

Watch and learn:

Lol what a complete tool. I love the way he tries to blame someone else for it immediately after it crashes down, when it’s quite obviously his fault and his fault alone. Complete and utter spanner, but hey at least he’s got some strong pipes right? Just a shame his tables are so weak.

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