Duncan Bannatyne Suffers Heart Attack

Duncan Bannatyne

Everyone’s favourite Dragon is currently undergoing tests in hospital over a suspected heart attack. Sick Chirpse wishes him a quick recovery.

Duncan Bannatyne

A bunch of reliable news sources are reporting that Duncan Bannatyne has had a heart attack and is currently being treated in hospital. Apparently he’s OK as I’m writing this but obviously the fact that he’s had a heart attack is not cool and anything could happen. Sick Chirpse are collectively big fans of Duncan Bannatyne (Tourist even leant me a copy of his business book to try and get my butt in gear, it was an OK read but nothing really that mindlblowing) and even though Dragon’s Den isn’t really anywhere near as exciting or as cool as it used to be if there’s nothing on TV on a Sunday night then you’re probably gonna tune in just to see Duncan Bannatyne rip one of the new inventors and declare that ‘he’s out.’ I mean even though you know that it’s coming it still kills it every time he says it right?

Duncan Bannatyne even turned up on the Big Fat Quiz of the 00’s on Channel 4 (it was a really slow TV night yesterday OK?) last night and seemed pretty healthy so this must have come out of the blue. He’s 63 years old and seems pretty healthy – I mean he owns all those gyms he must know something about keeping fit – and probably looks the best out of all the Dragons. Except maybe Deborah Meaden because you know she’s a complete babe. In any case, he’s way skinnier than Peter Jones which is probably all he really cares about anyway.

Theo Paphitis just tweeted that he managed to contact Duncan and he’s undergoing some tests and doesn’t actually think it’s a heart attack but obviously something happened and screwed him up. Let’s hope that the doctors can figure it out and sort him out ASAP. Considering how loaded Duncan Bannatyne is though you would expect his doctors to be able to sort this out fairly quickly right? Or at least confirm whether it was actually a heart attack or not?  I didn’t really want to make a joke but maybe he should have invested in a better healthcare plan. Too early? Sorry. Get well soon Duncan. I tried to find a cool video of him having a rant or something but there weren’t any good ones except for a really crap short one about getting Clydebank and Glasgow confused. If anyone finds one let me know.

In the meantime, here’s a link to an article about when Duncan Bannatyne offered £50K to anyone who would break some guy’s arms via twitter. He offered the money via twitter obviously – you can’t break anyone’s arms using twitter.


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