This Is One Of The Dumbest Fights We’ve Ever Featured

Dumb Fight

2 on 1? 3 on 1? I don’t even know what’s going on.

I don’t know what’s going on in this video but it seems like some ‘scooter guys’ (as they’re described in the YouTube video description) are having some beef down at the skate park and decide to go at it. Fairly common occurrence.

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What isn’t that common is the fact that both of them punch like girls, one of them nails the other one with a DDT, then another dude gets involved who also fights like a pansy, then it’s 2 on 1 and finally right at the end a girl rocks up and kicks him in the balls. Then he just goes and stands in the pool until the cops come and arrest some black kid who wasn’t even involved in the fight at all. That’s American cops for ya.

It’s completely dumb. But it’s made even dumber by the fact that they’ve put that stupid music that plays on an advert (I forget which one, but probably an Apple advert or something) over the top of it to make the whole thing seem more like a comedy sketch than a scrap. And it works to perfection.

What a bunch of dorks eh? I wonder why the hell they arrested the black kid at the end though – it didn’t seem like he was doing anything in the video but he was the one who got carted off? Probably smoking weed or something – just another day at the skate park.

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