The Guy Who Sued His Date For Texting During A Movie Has Won The Case

Brandon Vezmar

Watch him count his money.

You probably remember last week when we reported on 37-year-old Brandon Vezmar from Texas, who decided to sue his date $17.31 for texting during ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 2’ as it was a “threat to civilised society” – I mean how could you forget this douchebag?

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Anyway, I doubt any of us thought we would ever hear from him again, but somehow Inside Edition managed to convince the two of them to meet up for an interview segment and actually even got the girl – Crystal Cruz – to give him the money that he so desperately required. Get a load of this – he even counted it out to make sure it’s all there:

Wow. So many great things about that –  I especially like how they took it back to the movie theatre and even interviewed the guy inside the cinema. Whoever directed that deserves an Emmy or something. Very entertaining.

As for both of them, I find it unlikely that either will ever get a date again. Well I mean Crystal probably will because she’s a girl and there are gonna be people out there that don’t mind so much about people texting during the movie. But I’d be surprised if Brandon even got anywhere near a woman any time in the future. All a woman needs to do is Google him and that’s literally it, it’s all over. Hope you enjoy your $17 bud, because it’s probably going to be the last date you’ll ever go on.

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