Dude Decides To Shoot Bowling Balls Out Of Cannon; Ends Up Killing Neighbour’s Horse

Bowling Ball Cannon

Party foul.

The 4th of July over in the states is a big old celebration as we all know, and it normally involves chugging a load of beer, grilling up some meat and setting off a bunch of fireworks. One guy in Wisconsin took it a bit too far though when he decided to shoot bowling balls out of a homemade cannon and ended up blasting one into his neighbours barns and killing a horse. Whoops.

Lisa Kroll spoke of her shock when she discovered her $10,000, 10 month old horse dead from a major head wound, surrounded by bowling balls and pins in her barn, which also had suffered $4000 worth of damage:

At least it was a horse not a human, but it was a very nice horse that got killed, very unfortunate.

It’s even more concerning because I had guests sleeping in camper trailers outside her barn at the time.

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The unnamed 65 year old man who hosted the party said that the brother of one of his neighbours – a guy called Ricky Thorne – brought the cannon over and had the idea. The unnamed party host admitted that a total of 10 bowling balls and 10 bowling pins were fired out of the cannon and he was both surprised and apologetic that they made it to Kroll’s property half a mile away.

Thorne is now being prosecuted by the state for recklessly endangering safety and negligent handling of a weapon. St. Croix County Attorney Eric Johnson summed up the absurdity of the situation by saying the following:

Been prosecuting 34 years, this is the first case we’ve had where someone was shooting bowling balls out of a cannon.

No shit. I think it’s also kind of surprising that Kroll seems so unphased by the fact that her horse died because of this and there was a load of damage caused to her barn, but maybe she’s used to this dude holding crazy parties or something. I guess there isn’t a lot to do in Wisconsin, as we all know from Making A Murderer. If you missed all the developments about that since the series ended, click here.


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