Angry Drunk Dude Whips His Shirt Off And Starts Savage Brawl At The Royal Ascot (VIDEO)

Man fight Ascot shirtless


The Royal Ascot Ladies Day is normally famous for its outlandish hat display but yesterday’s event descended into chaos for a totally different reason.

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The standout incident involved a very bald, very drunk, very angry middle-aged man whipping his shirt off before trying to attack crowd members.

Predictably bystanders had their iPhones ready to film the event and post it on Twitter. The footage shows the shirtless Ascot crusader starting a fight with his fists of fury. Other men try to hold him back, and thankfully only a few drinks and a fence were victims of his rowdy display:

Incredible. The footage is even better with a theme tune:

What an embarrassment. Some people just can’t handle their drink can they? Then again, it wouldn’t really be a proper British event if it didn’t involve some lairy boozehound trying to start a fight for no apparent reason. It’s tradition.

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