Dude Gets High With His Grandma For The First Time; Ends Up Talking About Porn

Well that escalated.

I absolutely love these Cut Videos. You know, the YouTube series where people from all types of backgrounds come together to smoke weed and discuss life? They’re the best.

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The latest in the series is a guy named Andrew with his incredibly cool grandma Helen. Our mate Andy, who outlines at the beginning that he isn’t a regular stoner, gets so baked that he ends up asking his grandma if she watches porn:

I’ve got to say, Helen steals the show a bit. I love how she just sits there casually puffing away while her grandson, who is about twice the size of her, nearly coughs his lungs out. What an absolute G.

And now for my favourite Cut Video – the time a priest, rabbi and an atheist all got high together. Simply beautiful.


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