Dude Dipping His Hand In Urinal Before Punching Opponent Is The Ultimate Disrespect Move (VIDEO)

Absolutely diabolical.

In one of the biggest violations we’ve possibly ever featured on Sick Chirpse, this clip shows a pair of high school students getting into a fight in the school toilets, with one of them using a piss-filled urinal to his advantage in the most diabolical of ways.

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Watch as he grounds his opponent before dipping his hand into the urinal and then rocking him with a clenched, piss-soaked fist:

Welp, someone’s definitely getting pink eye in the morning.

As you might imagine, the internet did its thing in the comments below the video:

That last gif about sums it up I reckon. 

For the woman who argues that drinking urine every day keeps her in optimal health, click HERE. It’s got to be worth a try, right?


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