Dude Almost Dies Knocking Down Massive Silo With Sledgehammer


There’s some dude called Bizmie who loves demolishing things. He takes a rather different approach when demolishing massive silos as in he uses nothing but a sledgehammer and stands at the bottom of it as it collapses.

I don’t know why anyone would want to do this but it looks like some people really are that stupid that they’ll do anything without really thinking about it, like demolishing a massive silo with nothing but a sledgehammer while standing under it and almost killing yourself. I mean, why the hell would you want to knock down a silo in the first place? Does this guy own the silo he’s knocking down? Does he have permission to knock down this silo? I doubt it. If you wanted your silo knocked down you’d call in some professional demolition people to do the job properly, not some Redneck called Bimzie and his trusted sledgehammer. Plus it’s totally stupid how this guy almost kills himself and his mate who’s there filming this bizarre stunt.

I think there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here and that’s if you want to demolish a massive silo, don’t try and do it with a sledgehammer. Check it:

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