Dubstep Birds Are Taking Over The World

The definitive Sick Chirpse post – birds making some sick chirps! This Cockatiel absolutely kills it with his heavy drops. Get it while it’s hot ‘cos he’s gone viral.

Well, ok, maybe not. But it’s still Monday evening and you all needed waking up a bit.

First things first, how cool is that bird in the picture? It’s like Andre Agassi screwed a tiger and for some reason it came out as a bird. And the bird is currently 8 years old and likes to dress up as Spiderman but can’t afford a proper costume so has to just make do with a red and blue top. Either way, that bird is a boss.

Anyway, here’s a charming video of a little Cockatiel bellowing out some dubstep. It’s blowing up all over the internet, so watch it and spread it quickly so everyone knows it came from Sick Chirpse. Hey! Sick Chirpse! Sick chirps! This is the definitive Sick Chirpse video – a bird making some sick chirps! Well that just made my day. Splendid.

[yframe url=’’]

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And here’s the cutest video of the year so far. Look at the smile on it’s widdle face.

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And finally, here’s a video from last year of a bird that’s already been through the dubstep faze and has moved onto Venetian Snares style hardcore drumstep. His snare needs a lot of work though.

[yframe url=’’]

As KnorkeClan of Germany points out, that last one’s a lot funnier if you close your eyes and imagine it’s a hamster masturbating.

Have a great evening!

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