Drunken Scouser In Vegas

Drunken Scouser In Vegas

It’s a charming drunken Scouser in Vegas. What more could you ask for?

Having a laugh with an amicable drunken Scouser. Who doesn’t love it?

This drunk Scouser called “Steven” really left his mark on Vegas. He’s become an internet sensation after being featured in a recent documentary about the City of Sin (and no I don’t mean Liverpool). Steven instantly hit it off with the two curious cops by asking, “got a bit of beef?” Needless to say they loved it.

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Even though Steven was doing his best to blend in, these cops spotted something uncanny, so asked him where he was from. With a cheeky grin he proudly answered, “A place called… the UK”. Steven might have had a few, but this didn’t stop him working his Scouse charm on the cops — picking words like “squire” and “gentlemen” — they were wrapped around his little finger in minutes.

Brits abroad get a lot of bad press, but if we all do our best to act a bit more like Steven, we’ll soon shake off the larger lout reputation.

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