Drunken Numpty Falls Down Stair Well

Bloke Falling Down

If you’re gonna get wobbly at the Christmas party, don’t take a leaf out of this pillock’s book. Unless you want to be in a body cast to greet santa

Bloke Falling Down

Christmas parties. As you read those two words in conjunction I know the first things that you thought of were free booze and humiliation. It’s the same the world over (probably), you go out with work colleagues that you virtually never talk to outside of work normally and you get more smashed than you’ve ever been. You always try and snog someone you shouldn’t, talk like a pompous twat to your boss or at the very least have a bit of a fall, probably in some mud.

The guy in this video is obviously well battered because he thinks he can impress a girl by doing a hand stand on a stair rail. What a massive plum. He can’t take all the blame though because if he had nailed whatever move he was trying to nail, the chick probably would have dug it. But he didn’t nail it. He massively, massively un-nailed it. He was the Lord of un-nailing this.

The video – it’s CCTV footage, you see a guy in a black shirt sloppily give out a couple of high fives, then he meanders close to a woman who’s body language screams “FUCK OFF”. Nothing strange so far. He then eyes up the drop over the side of the handrail, he thinks, “yeah, I can do this…” Then it turns out he can’t. I won’t ruin the ending for you…. lessons learned…

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