Dumbass Drunk Woman Gets Dragged To Safety After Stumbling On Train Tracks

Woman on train tracks

What an idiot.

We all do dumb shit when we’ve had a few bevvies on an evening, but I don’t think any of us act this stupid (I’d like to think anyway).

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The video below shows a woman who is quite clearly over the limit, stumbling around on the train tracks as if she’s trying to get back home. Luckily the staff manage to grab a hold of her and pull her to safety as she edges towards the platform.

Not only is she lucky that a train didn’t come before then, but she’s lucky she didn’t get electrocuted.

What a dumbass. Seriously love, maybe stick to the white wine spritzers next time, because you clearly can’t handle your booze.

Still, don’t this she’s as bad as this drunk Uber passenger. That bitch is the worst.


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