Drunk Russian Confronts Dirt Bike Ride; Gets The Absolute Bollocks Kicked Out Of Him (VIDEO)

GoPro POV Footage – a new way to watch crazy Russian bastards fight on the Internet.

I think this might be the first ever POV fight footage in internet history, and if that’s the case then I think we need more of them because this is one of the funniest fights I’ve seen on the internet in a long time.

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It features a drunk Russian picking a fight with some dirtbike riders, as he gets out of his car (completely forgetting to put it in park) and attacks one of them with all the grace of a small child while his car rolls off into the distance.

Here’s how that turned out for him:

Laugh out loud funny. Almost like a glimpse into the future of POV fighting games on virtual reality consoles. Maybe GTA 10 will play like something like this? Suppose there’s no need for it in Russia when they clearly have this much fun doing it for real.

For a mind-blowing supercut of Russian dash cam mayhem – click HERE.


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