VIDEO: Policeman Calls For Back Up, Gets Arrested Himself When Back Up Realise He’s Drunk

Watch this policeman pull over a motorist and then get arrested himself when back up arrive and realise he’s drunk.

PCSO Andrew Seston pulled over a man named Irfan Mehrban in High Wycombe the other day, claiming he could smell marijuana in his car. Mr. Mehrban got a whiff of the officer’s breath and accused him of being drunk, prompting the officer to call back up.

When back up arrived they discovered that yeah, the officer was indeed drunk and had not only been driving around while intoxicated but also pulled over this motorist for no real reason (Mehrban had no marijuana in the car, in fact he’d just picked up his kid from school) and only succeeded in baiting himself up massively.

Mr. Mehrban was obviously amused by the whole thing, and caught it all on camera. Now that’s justice.

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Watch below:



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