Drunk Man Dies After Falling In A Hole And Construction Workers Build A Road Over Him

One of the worst ways to go imaginable.

How’s this for a night out on (or under) the tiles? A guy in India got so drunk that he fell into a hole in the street and then died as oblivious construction workers built a road over him.

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Police in the district of Katni in Madhya Pradesh said the 45 year old was returning home on Friday after a session when he fell into the hole, which was then filled with molten tar and the surface flattened using a heavy roller.

Someone spotted him at one point (photo below) and he was pulled out of the newly laid road, but it was too late.

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The Times of India says a driver and road worker have been arrested, as I guess questions need to be asked as to how the hell no one spotted this dude laying there.

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So yeah, definitely a horrific way to go. Reminds me of the woman that got trapped in her car while it sank into the ocean, except she was 100% sober and aware of what was happening (and thankfully got rescued in time).

All in all not sure there’s many worse ways to go than falling in a hole in India, having molten tar poured on you and then getting flattened by a construction workers building a new road. Definitely the wrong day to fall into that hole.


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