Drunk Idiot Throws Glass Bottle Into A Crowd; Badass Sees It And Instantly Knocks Him Out

Guy Knocks Guy Throwing Glass Bottles Out

This guy didn’t even celebrate or want any props after this – he’s a true angel of justice.

I don’t know why anyone would think it would ever be funny to throw a glass bottle into a massive crowd, no matter how wasted or drunk they were. That’s just basically mean and malicious and doesn’t really have any point except to cause random injuries to people you don’t know.

Nevertheless, this man here thought that it would be a good idea to do such an action and – egged on by his friends at some kind of cowboy party somewhere in America – throws a couple of glass bottles into a nearby crowd that isn’t even that big. Fortunately, it doesn’t sound like anyone got hurt and there was a sensible looking angel of justice standing nearby who, after seeing what he had done, turns around and knocks him out straight up with one punch without even hesitating. He then doesn’t even stick around to explain himself or receive any props – which he would no doubt get – and just legs it off. A real unsung hero.

The best part about the video though is probably the guy who’s filming it’s reaction to the whole thing. He seems to be buddies with the glass thrower as he’s encouraging him, but when he gets laid up the only thing he can do is scream about how he’s really happy he got it on tape instead of going and helping his friend out. A real bunch of stand up guys by the sound of things eh?

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