Drunk Guy Plays Dr Dre Mash Up On Bar Piano And Completely OWNS It

Dr Dre Piano Medley

This is pretty much the best party piece of all time.

You watch a video like this and you really wish that you had a really awesome talent that you could bust out at parties that would absolutely smash it and make everyone think you were a complete killer, the trouble is though that you’re probably never actually going to take the time to bother to learn one are you, lazy fuck.

If you did though, chances are it wouldn’t be as rad as this drunk guy who was hanging out in a bar in Arizona over the weekend because he absolutely kills it. He just rocks up over to the piano that was conveniently located in the bar and then busts out a Dr. Dre tune on it like it’s not big deal, incorporating Still DRE and What’s The Difference.

Needless to say, everyone is absolutely blown away by his performance and he probably didn’t need to buy another drink that night. Now, all I gotta do is find myself a skill of my own – maybe learning how to roll insane blunts like this dude?

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