Drummer Rocks Out So Hard He Ends Up Falling Out The Window (VIDEO)

You can’t call yourself a real drummer until this happens to you.

A drummer known as Stan ‘Stanimal’ Saxon was playing a gig in his native Nashville, TN the other night when he got a little bit too into his performance of ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky’ and ended up falling out the window.

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Saxon landed on three pedestrians, who were showered in glass, and also wound up breaking his rib.

Watch below:

The guy is so hardcore though that went back inside the venue and finished his set, and also played at another venue for four hours afterwards.

Saxon says:

My ear monitor pulled me back. It felt like somebody grabbed me by the shirt and yanked me to the ground.

It was like the window wasn’t even there. The next thing I knew I was looking up at shards of glass going: How did I get here?

Now that’s the kind of guy you want drumming for you. Didn’t even realise how hard he was rocking out and still didn’t realise it once he’s fallen out the window. He just got right back up, probably had a quick couple shots at the bar and then finished his set.

Put him in a tag team with this Japanese drummer and I guarantee you’ll get see the greatest drumming performance in history:

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