Here’s The Moment US Drone Takes Out Iran’s Top General Sparking ‘WW3’ Fears (VIDEO)

Is this the moment that could spark WW3?

I don’t think any of us had ever heard of Iranian general Commander Qassem Soleimani before today, but by most accounts he was a terrible person who was responsible for the deaths of thousands.

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From Iraq to Syria and around the Middle East, every atrocity that Iran has committed, Soleimani had apparently been involved in. People were celebrating in the streets of Iraq at 430am after hearing of his death (video at the end of the blog). So on that level it’s tough to feel badly about this CCTV footage of him being blown to smithereens close to Baghdad airport this morning:

The US Defence Department said it targeted Soleimani because he ‘was actively developing plans to attack American diplomats and service members in Iraq and throughout the region’. Meanwhile Donald Trump has been in full-on “damn right I did!” mode on Twitter:

Obviously no one wants to see an escalation or full on war come from this, but you can’t deny some people just deserve to have a rocket fired into their heads and this Soleimani guy was one of those people. Get a load of how happy these Iraqi people are:

However, we must also remember:

Indeed, while the world is better off without this terrorist scumbag it now means America (and the rest of us) need to be ready for anything. A lot of people are worrying about World War 3 kicking off but I really don’t think Iran is that stupid so if the families across Iraq and the Middle East are happy this guy is dead, then maybe we should just be happy for them too?

For footage of the ‘MOAB’ explosion that killed 36 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan, click HERE. Total wipeout.


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