Driver Told Police He Was Speeding Because ‘The Wind Was Pushing Me’

Wind speeding

Nice try.

I’m sure the police have heard all kinds of excuses for speeding over the years – needing the toilet, not seeing the sign, etc. But this guy just blew them all out of the water with the most outlandish and farfetched excuse we’ve ever heard.

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A driver over in Western Australia tried to blame the wind on his breaking the speed limit. The man was caught driving 78mph in a 68mph speed zone through a town in the outback when he was caught by local police and handed a ticket.

The Three Springs police decided to share their citation on their Twitter account, with the caption “and excuse of the day goes to…”

Brilliant. I wish we could see a picture of the guy – I bet he was a right wrong’un. The wind was pushing him? That’s actually a pretty creative excuse right there.

Still, I don’t think it would beat this guy’s explanation for drink driving – he tried to blame it on eating beer battered fish. Nice try pal.


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