Drive By Insults

Shouting bus wankers reaches a whole new level.

Remember ‘bus wankers’ from The Inbetweeners? If you haven’t seen The Inbetweeners or don’t know about bus wankers it’s basically when you drive past a bunch of people waiting for a bus at the bus stop and shout ‘bus wankers’ at them out of your car, implying they’re all wankers and they have to get the bus while you’re taking a ride in your warm comfy car. Now I doubt the guys in the video below have seen The Inbetweeners but they sure have taken drive by insults to the next level. Filmed around Christmas time (hence the Santa hat) these two dudes drive around town somewhere over in the States and shout shit at people they drive past. This kind of stuff usually isn’t that funny but the level these guys take it too really did make us chuckle. Wait for the best bit right at the end when they catch a lucky shot on some dude. Check it:

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